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De HuisArtsenPost is exclusively for urgent medical problems

The HuisArtsenPost Haarlemmermeer provides primary medical care after office hours for urgent medical problems. If you need medical care that cannot wait until the first working day of your own primary care doctor, you can call the HuisArtsenPost. Patients are seen by appointment only. Therefore we ask that you always call first to make an appointment with a doctor:

023 - 201 03 33
Call 112 in life-threatening situations.

When you call the HuisartsenPost, you get a trained doctor's assistant (triagist) on the telephone. To assess the medical complaint and the degree of urgency, the triagist will ask you a number of questions.

What do you need?

The triagist will ask you:

  • the reason why you are calling
  • your name, address, date of birth and BSN (citizen service number)
  • your insurance details
  • the name of your own doctor
  • your medical history
  • your medication use

Make sure you have all the important data ready when you call us.
In case of an emergency, choose a 1 in the drop-down menu. In life-threatening situations, call 112.

The triagist on the telephone works closely with the attending doctors. The doctor checks all advice given by the triagists.

Also visit the website www.thuisarts.nl for information about health and diseases. Doing this may help you decide if contact with the HuisArtsenPost is necessary.

When you get an appointment, you must register with the triagist at the desk of the HuisartsenPost. When your appointment is registered, you can take a seat in the waiting room area. If it is busy you may have to wait. Patients who come in after you may be helped earlier, depending on the severity of the complaint. We appreciate your understanding.

Home visit
In some cases, such as an emergency or other medical reasons, the decision is made by the doctor to visit you at home. This is always assessed first by telephone. The visiting doctor is always accompanied by a driver.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 17.00 to 08.00
Saturdays, Sundays and nationally recognized public holidays: 24 hours a day
No medical staff is present on businessdays between 8 am and 5 pm.

Address and route

The HuisArtsenPost works together with the Emergency Department of the Spaarne Gasthuis and is located in the hospital next to the Emergency Department.

AddressSpaarnepoort 1, 2134 TM Hoofddorp

Medical Data

If you have given your own doctor and your own pharmacy permission to exchange information with the HuisartsenPost, your medical history and medication use will be known.

This information is important to provide good and safe care. If you have not given this permission, it is important that you provide this information to the  doctor’s assistant and doctor at the HuisArtsenPost.